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What Is is the India's largest online platform of trivia game shows of skill where you showcase your knowledge, IQ, intelligence and earn cash rewards after winning every quiz contest!

A. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Register with us free by entering a Username, Desired Password, E-mail id, and Mobile number
  • Log-in using the Username and Password you registered with.
  • Click on Quiz tab to see the list of scheduled quiz on the platform
  • Click on view' button beside each scheduled quiz to check the detail quiz structure
  • Click on register' button on each scheduled quiz and you are ready to take the quiz online.

A. Please check whether your registered email address/Username and password are entered correctly and try again. If you've forgotten your password, click on 'Forgot Password', enter your registered email ID and we’ll send you a link to reset your password through an email within a few minutes! If you've forgotten your registered username, you can very well login with your registered e-mail id and password. If you have forgotten both your registered email id and password reach out to us via Contact Us page.

A. When you are logged in, click on My Account tab and click on 'Change Password'

A. Having multiple accounts is strictly prohibited on Each user is allowed to have only one account on the site. Making multiple accounts may result in deletion of all duplicate accounts.

A. Yes you can very well do that. Simply log in and go to my account section click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button. You will be able to update / edit your profile detail except registered email id, & mobile number.

A. If you are sure that you are a registered user on and are entering the correct details, please reach out to us from the Contact Us page. Our Customer Care team will be happy to assist you.

Getting Started

A. a) It could have been marked as Spam mail by your mailbox. Please check your spam mail and mark the email from as ‘Not Spam’.

b) You may not have entered the correct email address during registration. For any assistance, please reach out to us from the Contact Us page.

A. Yes, your account remains safe until your password is not revealed to anyone. Your password is the key to your account and it is your responsibility not to disclose it to anyone.

A. offers both free and paid quizzes. Free quiz formats are those quizzes which can be played by using free qzeto which every user gets daily as joining bonus on daily basis. Paid quizzes can only be played by using real qzeto which users need to purchase for their participation

A. Yes, you can register for any number of quiz at a time but start timing of each quiz contest will be different so only one quiz contest can be participated at atime

A. Time limit for each quiz will vary and will be mentioned in the rules table for the particular quiz

A. Ranking and winners of every quiz contest scheduled will be displayed immidietely on the leader board section on its quiz info page at the end of every quiz. If you win any Paid Quiz Contest, The real qzetos as mentioned in the prizepool summary table will be credited automatically into your iqzeto wallet. Same will be communicated to all winners via email as well

A. If the amount in your Winnings Account is not redeemed to your bank account within 335 days from the date of credit, it will be deposited automatically to your bank account which is on record with, provided that you have verified your email associated with account. In case no redeem request is received by us or you have failed to complete the email verification for the account within 365 days, the amount would stand forfeited by Hence it’s important that you get your account verified as soon as possible.


A. The balance in your account will be displayed on the top of your screen at all times.

A. Absolutely Yes! To ensure that all the payments are safe and secure, we use reputed and verified third party payment gateways that have multiple security checks and comply with every single law on online transactions.

A. For all successful transactions, you will get a confirmation email with your Order detail and the Amount from

A. If you require any help regarding your account balance or any other queries, please feel free to reach us from the Contact Us page

A. The mode of payment you have chosen may not be authorized by your bank, in which case you should call them and get it fixed. Also, please reach us from the Contact Us page with the error message screenshot so that we can advise you on how to complete your transaction.

A. Once you have made the deposit, your account balance will get updated instantly in the form of real qzetos. If the updated balance is not reflected in your account please reach us from the Contact Us page.

Quiz Formats

A. Free Qzetos are points given to all users for participating in free quiz. User need to take the free quiz using these free qzetos . Everyday user receives 20 free qzetos in the wallet on first login.

A. Bonus Qzetos are points which user earns by playing free quizzes on the which can be converted to Real Qzetos for participating in paid quizzes

While taking the free quiz every user gets rewarded with Bonus Qzetos as per below rules

  • 100% correct answer- 5 bonus qzetos
  • 95-99% correct answer- 3 bonus qzetos
  • 90-94% correct answer- 1 bonus qzetos

A. 100 Bonus Qzetos is equal to 1 Real Qzetos. This will be changing as and when required and owns the right to this any time

A. Go to My Account section, click on 'Convert', enter the bonus qzeto balance which you want to convert and hit the 'convert to real qzeto button'. Based on the existing conversion ratio your bonus qzeto balance will be converted into real qzeto balance instantaneously

A. As per Section 115BB of the Income Tax Act the current rate of Income Tax on winnings from games/contests offering cash reward is 30%. However there is education and higher education cess payable on the taxable amount and hence the total effective amount of tax payable is 30.90%.

When you win any amount equal or greater than 10000 its liable for flat 30.9% TDS deduction as per government rule. So in your case 30.9% of 15000 is 4635 which is deducted as TDS and remaining 10365 is paid to you in your wallet

A. After conversion into real qzetos, bonus qzetos are redeemable.

A. It's very easy to buy Real Qzetos on

  • Create an account by filling up simple details.
  • Click on Buy Qzetos& button on top of every page, agree to the terms and conditions. and you are ready to purchase real qzetos
  • 1 Real Qzetos will cost you one rupee and Qzetos balance will be shown in your wallet immediately after you complete your transaction

Cash Rewards

A. accepts payments by Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Net banking

A. The minimum Real Qzetos to be purchased is 50 and maximum is 10000

A. Redeeming the Real Qzetos rewarded to you is very easy. When you are rewarded with any Real Qzetos on our platform, the winning amount shall be credited to your Real Qzetos balance immediately. Same can be checked on 'My Account' section at any time. You can redeem this balance or a part of it by following the method given below.

  • Go to My Account page.
  • Click on Redeem & agree to the terms and conditions.
  • You can choose Redeem by bank transfer if you wish the money to be deposited in your account online. Here, you will need to provide your Username, Bank Account Number ,IFSC Code, E-mail address and Mobile number which was used while registration

Note: Email Verification is compulsory for all users who make a redemption request while registering for the first time. Failing to do so, User will not be able to reddem their Qzetos balance

A. Please contact with your transaction detail immediately. Our team will look into the matter and fix your problem in 10 working days.